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(Please read the disclaimer at the bottom of this page.  I am not recommending you try sungazing.  This page is to share my experience with this technique.)

By chance, I came across Sungazing in a book that I borrowed from a friend.  Straight away it felt right to try.  After researching sungazing on the internet, I was surprised that there were thousands of people already doing it and having great results.  The majority of people reported better vision after doing it for awhile.

Often in the summer I would have the feeling to close my eyes are gaze towards the sun, having a deep feeling that somehow this would be good for me.

Sungazing is slightly different. 

We followed the protocol of HRM, a promoter of sungazing.

Within 1 hour of Sunset or Sunrise you start off by gazing at the Sun for 10 seconds.  This time is increased by 10 seconds everyday until you get up to 44 minutes.  Then you can stop or sungaze at your leisure.

The first time I did it I had to squint my eyes up.  I honestly didn't think I would ever be able to do it for minutes at a time.  It wasn't long before my eyes started to get stronger and stronger.  Some days the sun seemed brighter than others.  It is important to relax and blink the eyes often.

It is normal to get a bit of detox from Sungazing.  It has a lot of health benefits, including getting much deeper sleeps with lucid dreams.

Becausemy partner and I sungaze together, we are able to share experiences.  We have both experienced sharp pains in our head for periods at a time. This no longer happens.  We have the pains come up in different areas of the body and then it goes away.  Often it is in the same area for both of us.

Some Benefits of Sungazing
  • Reduction in your appetite/less hunger
  • More joy in your life
Alleviation of depression
Improved eyesight
  • More focus in life
  • More energy
  • A feeling of lightness and wholeness
  • Perfect Health & Wellbeing
  • Deep Sleep with Lucid Dreams
  • Ability to attract and manifest Lifes Desires
  • Increased Psychic Abilties
  • Connection with everything
  • Craving of Sunfoods (raw foods)

Safe Sungazing can be practiced by any one and any age.  It can be practiced anywhere in the world as long as you can see the Sun Rise or the Sun Set.  You can expect over a period of time, perfect health, mind, body and spirit.

Sungazing has no affiliations with any religion. It costs nothing and no guru or teacher is required.

Most people come to sungazing by their own intuition.  Just the mention of it, rings bells for them and they just know that it is what we are meant to be doing.

Do not gaze directly at the sun any other time of the day!
1 hour within Sunset or Sunrise is the safe zone

Sungazing Technique

Day 1 :  Gaze at the sun within 1 hour after sunrise or 1 hour before sunset for only 10 seconds.  Make sure you relax and also blink the eyes.

Continue everyday to gaze at the sun  1 hour after sunrise or 1 hour before sunset, but add 10 seconds to your time.  So Day 2 you will gaze for 20 seconds. Day 3 you will gaze for 30 seconds etc....

Stop Sungazing once you reach 44 minutes.

Stand on sand when you are sungazing.

Drink a glass of water before sungazing and also another glass of water after sungazing.