Wealth in 7 easy Steps

Some of you may of already watched "The Secret" or read books like "Creative Visualization".  There are many books and now movies all making the point that there are Laws of Attraction.  What you think, you become! A quote from  Buddha. 

It is great advise. 

If you are constantly feeling sorry for yourself and moping around, feeling bad about all your debt and the debt that is  coming in, you are in a sense, asking for more of it.

Fear is one of the biggest aspects to keep us poor.  Fear  of failing and fear of getting in worse debt.

If the focus becomes solely on becoming rich then you will be projecting the right vibration and opportunities will come out of the woodwork to help you get want you want.

Over the years I have done lots of work on creative visualisation, making a reality board and repeated lots of affirmations.   I received great results using these, but often I wasn't getting consistant results.  Sometimes it would work, and other times it wouldn't.  I learnt after awhile that there were a couple of  missing factors.

STEP 1 ~ Be Grateful for what you already have in your life. 
Make a list right now of all the things you do have.  Sometimes we feel everyone else has everything, but compared to millions of other people living in povity in the world, you will have most of everything you need.
Your Grateful list may include:
Waking up in the morning! 
You can see, hear, feel.
You can walk and talk.
You have all your limbs.
You have a bed, sheets, blankets, and pillows.
Think about your family.  There are lots of people out
there that don't have brothers and sisters.  Do you? 
Do you have a partner?  Do you have children? 
That is something
to be grateful for.  Are they healthy? 
You have a roof over your head.
You have food to eat.
You have a telephone.
The list goes on and on.  During the day you need to be thankful and grateful for all the things you have in your life right this minute.  You have manifested everything so far in your life.  You already will have alot more than other people do in their lives.
Without being grateful for what we already have, it will be difficult to ever please yourself.  You will always want and need more to make you feel happy.  Whereas, we want you to feel happy now with what you have, so when you bring more wealth into your life it just enhances your life rather than be reliant on the wealth to make you happy. 

STEP 2 ~ See what you want to achieve
To work correctly with the Laws of Attraction you need to see what you want clearly in your mind.  The more detail and feeling you can put into your visualisation the better. Visualise how much money you want and don't put any limits on it.  It has to be a believable amount for you.  This amount can obviously change.  So you may want to start smallish, and then increase the amount later if it means you will feel more comfortable.  Others may find that asking for $1 million dollars is easy and believable.  If so, go for it.  One important thing to remember is to visualise having the money NOW! If you visualise it coming, then it will always be in the future.
If $1 million dollars is your goal, here are some things to help you visualise that money.
1.  Print out a $1 million dollar note off the internet and put it in your wallet or put it somewhere that you can see it all of the time.
2. Inside your check book, write $1,000,000 dollars in the total amount or add 6 zeros to any credit you have already.
3. Think about how you will feel if you had that money.  What would you be doing?  Where would you be living?
4. My favourite visualisation is to picture clouds of money from all over the world coming towards you and pouring a continous flow of notes and checks down to you.

STEP 3 ~ Write what you want to achieve
You then need to write down this goal.  Have an extra printed out $1 million dollar picture to paste next to it. 
You can write it in a special book or you can just write it on a piece of paper.

STEP 4 ~ Say out loud what you want to achieve.
Once you have done the above steps you then need to say out loud what you want to achieve.  Therefore, if it is $1 million dollars you would like to manifest, then you need to say something similiar to: " What I want is for me to have a fortune of $1 million dollars by the end of this year".  You can discuss it with your partner about your wishes.  If there are two people doing this it makes it happen so much faster. Make sure you discuss all details first.

STEP 5 ~ Knowing that it is coming
Visualise your $1 million dollar stack of money, feel it and then have the knowing feeling that it is there.  If you don't get the knowing feeling (a feeling that it is absolutely 100% sure to manifest) then you need to do Step 1 & 3 again until you do.

STEP 6 ~ Let it go
Once you really have that knowing feeling, then you need to let it go.  Rather than focus on it everyday which tends to lock it in you mind, you need to release it to the universe so it may work for you.  Don't think of it again.  This doesn't mean you can start whinging how broke you are, or look how much debt I am in.  Start embracing your debt.  Don't be afraid of it.  Mark all your bills when they come in with a 'C' for credit next to the total owing.  Remember "What you think, you become"  Think rich thoughts and you will be.

STEP 7 ~ Working from the heart, wanting the best for you, so others can also benefit
Last of all, work from the heart.  Don't go after money so you can be superior to people.  Go after money so you can enhance your own life and others around you.  If you work from the greed ego, then that money will be a long time coming or you will find it won't last.  Work from the heart and you will maintain a constant flow of money.