Creating you day the night before

Just as you would prepare for what you are going to wear the next day, you can
also prepare and create your day the night before.

Just before going to sleep imagine the perfect day ahead.

Visualize yourself getting out of bed with early, with heaps of energy, eating a
wonderfully healthy breakfast and feeling really good about yourself, and the
day ahead.

Then in minute detail, plan your perfect day.

You may want to include making sure that your car park is available. 

Visualize all of your work colleagues being in fantastic moods and greeting you cheerfully.

They are feeling so great they want to help make your day to be great too.

Make your visualizations over the top. 

Work your way through the day, down to even what you are going to have to eat for lunch. Include in your plans that you are first in line when ordering your lunch.

Continue your planning right through  to going to bed that night.

You will by amazed how this works.  It is an incredible tool to use in your everyday life, and you will find by using this, your days will be alot smoother and fun!