Sanjaneevini Healing Cards

Sanjaneevini Healing Cards are a wonderful easy way of enhancing your healing.
I have used them on alot of occassions with great results.  A great one to try is the
healing card for "Hiccups"  it works immediately.

Some interesting ways to use Sanjaneevini Healing Cards is to have a specific one
printed on your t.shirt. Maybe the "Sleep" one on your pillowcase.
The "Whole Body" on your sheets.

The Sanjeevinis are subtle (spiritual) vibrations Nature's own healing forces.
These vibrations have been "harnessed" through focussed prayers on to cards as printed patterns. 
Each Sanjeevini card is a focussed prayer to heal a particular body part or a disease.

The Sanjeevini cards have been prepared using the science of Radiesthesia.

Sanjeevini cards which will "heal" a particular Body Part or Disease on all levels.
They will heal causes, symptoms, and repercussions manifesting as Diseases in individual Body Parts.

How many SS-Sanjeevinis are there?
There are a total of 246 Sanjeevinis at present :
60 Body Parts Sanjeevinis
186 Disease Sanjeevinis.

You can just hold the symbol in your hands;
Put under their pillows at night;
Make up your own "remedies" by putting their food/water etc. on the photocopies.
Coasters, Cushion covers, T-shirts and stickers

How to use the Healing Cards
Right Click with your mouse and then save the image to your computer.
Then Print
Put Healing Card in plastic or have it laminated.  It will not affect the healing vibrations.
Put a glass of water on the symbol for at least 15 seconds.
Then sip throughout the day.
Each sip is like one dose.
You cannot have too much.  If you drink the whole glass of water at one go, it will be considered one dose.
The other option is to put the water in a glass eye dropper bottle and then have 4 drops x 3 times a day.
Much like Bach Flowers.

Preparing a combination of Sanjeevinis

Example 1 : Leg injury.
First list out the symptoms to be treated.
Symptoms : An injury on the leg with minor bruising.
Next decide what Sanjeevinis you wish to use and list them out. Any number of Sanjeevinis can be given to one person simultaneously. In this case you would use
Injury Sanjeevini - DS 71,
Infection Sanjeevini - DS 68,
Leg & Foot Sanjeevini - BPS 27.

Place the bottle of water on the selected cards for 15 seconds each i.e. place the bottle on the circle of BPS 27 (Leg & Foot) for 15 seconds.
The water is now charged with Leg and Foot Sanjeevini.
Then repeat the process with DS71 (Injury Sanjeevini) and DS 68 (Infection Sanjeevini) , using the SAME bottle.
Your Sanjeevini combination for a Leg injury is now ready.

Example 2: Cold and fever
Symptoms - A feverish condition with a heavy full blown cold (sinusitis).
Next, decide what Sanjeevinis you wish to use and list them out. Remember, any number of Sanjeevinis can be given to one person simultaneously.
In this case you would give:
Sinus & Cold Sanjeevini - DS 116
Sinuses (all) Sanjeevini - BPS 43
Fever & Flu Sanjeevini - DS 50
Infection Sanjeevini - DS 68
These are the Sanjeevinis that "logically" apply to this problem. While these alone would suffice and bring about healing, there are some others that would also help.

When the bottle is placed on a Sanjeevini Card, the water in the bottle is charged only with the vibration of that specific Sanjeevini. The Cards on the pages below do not interfere in the charging process.

CAUTION : Under no circumstances must anyone be asked to discontinue any allopathic or other medicines they are having. These Sanjeevinis do not disturb the action of those medicines. Please remember that the Sanjeevinis are focussed prayers and can do no harm. At a subtler level, a deeper healing will be effected by the Sanjeevinis through the awakening of the body's own healing power.

PREPARING SANJEEVINI REFILLS with the Multiplication and Broadcasting Card
Having prepared the Sanjeevini combinations, you now have the convenience of being able to provide a quick refill should it be required.

For this you will need:
A sample of the combination you have originally made. 
The Multiplication and Broadcasting Card .If you need more copies of this card, feel free to make photocopies as Photocopies are as good as the original!

Place the "sample" in the small circle marked "sample" on the Multiplication and Broadcasting card.
Place the bottle containing water in the circle marked "Output" on the Multiplication and Broadcasting card.
Leave for half a minute.
The water in the "Output" circle is now ready, having been charged with all the vibrations that were in the original sample.

When someone is not able to take the Sanjeevinis orally - for example when a person is unconscious, in a coma, in intensive care, or away in another city or country (the distance is immaterial), it is possible to broadcast the Sanjeevini vibrations at a distance.

Distance healing by broadcasting or transmitting the SS-Sanjeevinis is a dynamic way to heal. This way of healing is the "first choice" of many healers even in situations where the patient is able to take the Sanjeevinis orally. It is not necessary to opt for this method only when the patient cannot take the Sanjeevinis orally.

Follow this simple process :
Prepare the required Sanjeevinis for the person in a bottle.
Place this in the circle marked "sample" on the Multiplication and Broadcasting card.
Write the name of the patient on a small piece of paper and place it on the circle marked "Output".
Leave it there as long as required. This could be a few minutes in some cases where the response is almost instantaneous or several days in other cases.

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