How to Grow Garlic
  • Break up a bulb of garlic so you have several cloves of garlic.
  • Plant Garlic 4 - 6" deep into good soil in Autumn.
  • Ensure the pointy part of garlic is pointing upwards and the flatter end of the garlic is on the bottom when planting.
  • Harvest when the outer 2 leaves have died off.
  • Dry in the sun for a couple of days then store in a dry cool place for up to a year.
How to get 2nd Growth from a cabbage.
  • When you harvest a cabbage, make two nicks crosswise on the top of the stump, and within a month or six weeks it will sprout again.

How to Grow
Celery from Shop
bought produce.

1. Slice the base of the celery about 1 - 2 inches from the bottom.
2. Place in a saucer of water in a warm sunny position.  Keep it topped up with water until you see some roots forming and leaves growing from the top.
3. Once there is a few leaves showing, plant in the garden and top with soil so that just the leaves are showing.
4. Cut both ends off a soft drink bottle and place on top of celery.  Remove once celery is almost ready to harvest.  Let the stalks have several days of sunshine to green up the stalks.

How to Ripen Kiwifruit quickly
  • Prick the top and bottom of the Kiwifruit with a pin 6 times and watch your kiwifruit ripen quickly!